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Hogan Data Made Easy

August, 2023

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Market Pulse Check:
HR Consulting Trends Analysis

May, 2023

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Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI)

Robust Hogan data summarized into a fully integrated, personalized, and user-friendly coaching report within 24 hours. 


Princeton HR Insight has recently added the Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI) to our offerings as an add on to the Leadership Series.

HBRI is a measure of reasoning abilities as defined by the candidate’s potential to effectively solve problems, to learn new things quickly, and to demonstrate sound judgment which can provide valuable input for selection decisions.

May, 2023

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Optimizing Recruitment through Hogan Data

"The key to success in business is money and people. No matter how well you handle money, if you get the people part wrong, you will lose."

-Robert Hogan

This quote captures the importance of personality assessments in driving success within the selection process. At Princeton HR Insight, we help recruiters by giving hiring managers insights that increase their confidence in making the right decision and guiding client discussions when there are risks or differing opinions to enable faster decision-making.  We have prepared a step-by-step overview of the Hogan process to help you better understand our work.

Jan, 2023


Leadership Pressure and Burnout: A Spotlight on Tracey DeSilva, VP at Bayer

Hogan Assessment Systems spotlighted Shea Clarke's profile of Tracey DeSilva and distributed to their network highlighting where the article's key points align with their research.

Their interview focused on how micromanagement can add undue stress, executive coaching and mentorship can combat leadership pressure, and authentic vs manufactured connections are critical.

Aug, 2022

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HR Market Research Report

What are companies currently hiring external HR partners to help solve?
How is the market likely to shift?

Princeton HR Insight's goal is to help small-to-mid-size HR consulting firms understand, and therefore be better prepared for, potential upcoming market shifts. 
Throughout the months of June and July, we conducted 20+ interviews with CEOs, CHROs, and other senior leaders, complemented by surveys from crowdsourcing 1800 people. 


July, 2022


Intentional Leadership

What makes an effective leader? From Hogan’s perspective, the most important leadership quality is the ability to build and maintain a high-performing team. TruGreen CEO John Cowles has committed to doing exactly that. Find out how TruGreen implemented a data-driven team development program with long-lasting impact on business strategy and organizational culture.


May, 2022

Development Opportunity: Using Hogan As A Leadership Framework

Understanding the Environment You Create & Knowing How to Flex to Engage Others in Meaningful Ways

Feb, 2022

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Leadership Development Programs

Princeton HR Insight LLC has invested in building a series of development programs, all of which can be semi-customized, to help our clients create and retain the leaders needed to evolve their businesses.

Jan, 2022

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Consortium Update:

Together We Create

We launched the Consortium in the spring of 2021 with the vision of broadening our offerings and supporting clients with bigger, more holistic programs as they manage through uncertain times and growth...

Jan, 2021


Mindset Shifts: Engagement During Times of Uncertainty: An Opportunity to Shine

If asked to describe talent practices heading into 2021 in one word, it would be malleable. There are real opportunities to shape culture, leadership development and workplace practices around engagement, resiliency, change capabilities, diversity, managing ambiguity, and more...


December, 2020

Roads Taken Podcast

Guest Rebecca Oettinger Feder, Dartmouth '96, knew enough about business after leaving college to know that she didn’t know enough. After a rotational program and an executive MBA, she realized she was drawn most to Human Resources, which she came to regard as more than just an enabling function to the businesses of which she was a part. Her roles supporting senior managers across the entirety of a business gave her an intimate look at all sides of the business and a courtside seat to how senior executives make decisions.

Image by John Michael Wilyat

June, 2020

Humble Leadership in Action: How Subaru Shaped Its Culture

Popular wisdom will have you believe that a leader is someone who exudes confidence and charisma because they appear smart, interesting and engaging. However, more often than not, these types of leaders wreak havoc on the workplace. A study of leadership characteristics at Subaru suggests that humility is a far more important quality in a leader than charisma.

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Feburary, 2019

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Seton Hall University Launches New Coaching Program

On February 1st, the Buccino Leadership Institute launched a bold new leadership coaching program, one of several initiatives launched by the institute since it was founded last semester. Every one of the program's 81 leadership students will be assigned a professional leadership coach for the next two semesters.

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